Shamanaka Yoga

Yoga for women and children

Why the name Shamanaka Yoga?

“A Shamanka is a woman shaman, a woman who has healed her past, mastered her fears, reclaimed her intuition, found her gifts and her ‘path of spirit’ and heart, and become a woman of power and purpose.” Eliana Harvey, Shamanka

Ok, so I’m not a shaman but I love that through yoga I get to assist and empower other women to take an active part in their own nurturing and self-care.

This inspires me. That’s how I want my students to feel.

“Barbara’s a warm, gentle and knowledgeable teacher who always has an alternative pose for students who are injured or particularly tight. Barbara’s enthusiasm for yoga is contagious and I look forward to attending her classes.”


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Flow & Restore Yoga Classes for Women

Are you exhausted, and feel like your hormones and energy levels are all over the place?

Are you so busy trying to keep all your balls in the air, that you’ve become cranky, strung out AND your monthly period has gone haywire – heavier bleeding, more PMS, menstrual cramps and bloating?

Or have you entered the peri-menopausal and menopausal years and feel like you’re dealing with puberty all over again with the added bonus of hot flushes, night sweats, fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, migraines and digestive issues?

Well, the good news is yoga can help you.

Mother and Daughter Yoga Workshops

Inspired by my own daughter’s interest in being involved in my yoga training, a desire to teach children yoga, and a love of empowering women, I’ve created a unique program that honours, supports and celebrates the parallel rites of passage that mothers and daughters go through hormonally, emotionally and spiritually.

The program creates a beautiful bridge of communication and support between mother and daughter, a safe place for you to be more compassionate with yourself and each other.

Children’s Yoga

Why is yoga important for children?

Emerging research demonstrates  yoga supports the wellbeing of pre-schoolers, primary school aged children, pre-teens to teenagers.

Yoga’s physical poses (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and relaxation and meditation encourage children to connect with and become aware of their bodies and minds. The practice of yoga provides time and space for children to reflect on their own self regulation and esteem, and compassion for self, but also to connect with and support their fellow peers.

What People Are Saying

Specially Designed Mother’s Day Event with Yoga & African Dance

“Barbara, Lori and Suzie make a beautiful team. Their warmth and passion for what they do shines through. Our mother-daughter yoga and African dance session was a perfect combination of relaxation, a great yoga work out for all, lots of laughter as we wiggled away to African beats with Suzie. It gave all an opportunity to become present and cherish our connection with our daughters. Wish I could attend a weekly session.”


(Mother of 1 daughter and Doctor)


Do you have any evidence yoga is good for you?

The many health benefits of yoga for adults have long been researched and reported. Many elite sports men and women are practicing yoga and meditation to improve their focus, mental clarity, breathing, flexibility and strength and are strong advocates of the practice. For example Novak Djokovic said in 2018:

“I do [meditation and yoga] out of a need to have an optimal state of mind and peace and calm, and at the same time happiness and joy. Everybody has their ways to reach that state of consciousness where you’re in a good mood and you feel love towards yourself, towards people around you, towards the planet. So I try to be aligned with this kind of approach and mindset in life”.


Novak Djokovic talking about his yoga practice.

Why is Yoga beneficial in young people?

“Yoga may improve academic performance by enhancing self-regulation which may, in turn, mitigate stress, thus leading to enhanced attention and learning.” And “Yoga Practice may increase the students sense of control and self-efficacy with respect to stress and emotion, thereby increasing resilience”. Authors of “Seven Ways that Yoga is Good for Schools” via

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